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Storage Unit Sizes

Our storage units range from small, medium and large. We offer short hallways for easier unloading/loading, 24-hour Video Surveillance, clean Climate and Non-Climate Controlled units that are sprayed for insects every six months, 24-hour access through our security gate with code and sloped transitions up to units for easier access.

5’ x 10’ Small Storage Unit

The 5’ x 10’ unit is perfect for storing items out of a one-bedroom apartment, seasonal yard decorations, sofas, love-seats, dining tables, or mattresses.

10’ x 10’ Medium Storage Unit

The 10’ x 10’ unit is a nice sized unit for storing items from about a two-bedroom dwelling, common household appliances, bulky furniture, a piano, many boxes of seasonal decorations or other items.

10’ x 15’ Medium Storage Unit

The 10’ x 15’ sized unit is geared towards storing items from a small house or a multiple bedroom apartment. Other ideas might be totes filled with winter clothing, boxes of seasonal decorations, a piano or outdoor furniture.

10’ x 20’ Medium Storage Unit

The 10’ x 20’ storage unit is ideal for storing all items from your home or large apartment. Plenty of room for items that may take up space such as a piano, multiple bedroom furniture sets, boxes of items, or large appliances.

10’ x 25’ Large Storage Unit

The 10’ x 25’ unit is a great size for storing a classic car, furniture from up to four rooms, multiple dining or living room sets, outdoor furniture items, outdoor yard decorations, or unwanted attic clutter.

10’ x 30’ Large Storage Unit

The 10’ x 30’ unit is a spacious unit perfect for storing a classic car, furniture from a large house. This unit is also capable of holding a houseful of dining, living or bedroom sets, outdoor furniture or decor or a large attic full of stuff.